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XM, the trusted forex broker assisting forex traders in Canada and other outside countries is highly sought by people trying their hand in forex trading for the first time. It is also a forex broker that individuals and organizations old in the trade trust with their foreign currency transactions, not just because of their experience but also owing to the many benefits they enjoy as investors.

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Attractive Loyalty Program

XM forex broker allows you to join one of its enviable loyalty statuses, where you stand to earn rewards in form of points as well as credit bonuses. What might interest you most as far as XM’s loyalty program is concerned is that you have an option to redeem your accumulated points for actual cash.

Something else that forex traders find great about doing forex business with XM is its easy procedure of enrolment. For one, to qualify to earn loyalty rewards with XM forex broker, you do not have to fill any forms whatsoever. In fact, there is no requirement for you to sign anywhere as the investor. Instead, you instantly begin to earn loyalty points the minute you begin trading. One of the greatest advantages of being entered automatically into XM’s loyalty program, besides saving precious time, is that there is no risk that your name can be missed out on the list of XM points or bonus earners.

Do All XM’s Clients Earn Loyalty Points and Bonuses Equally?

When it comes to the loyalty rate at which forex traders partnering with XM enjoy, it is all the same for new clients. Every forex trader working with XM forex broker is automatically entered into the Executive level of loyalty earners. Thereafter, each trader’s volume of trade determines the next upgrade. Gladly, all upgrades happen automatically. As such, much as not every trader moves up the ladder of loyalty earning at equal speed, the system that XM forex broker has put in place assures all its forex traders of equity and certainty.

It is important to note that XM’s loyalty points, what is popularly referred to as XMP, increase progressively with every trading lot that a forex trader puts for investment. And since XM allows the traders to redeem their loyalty points for cash, it follows that the more XMP you have, the more cash XM forex broker can give you entirely free. A trader can also use the XMP to raise his or her credit bonus reward.

The Various XM’s Loyalty Statuses

  1. The Executive Status

This status that forex traders earn as soon as they begin trading with XM forex broker gets each trader 10 XM points per lot.

  1. The Gold Status

This is the next status that a forex trader working with XM acquires after graduating from the Executive status. A forex trader remains at this level for 30 days, earning 13 XM points per trading lot.

  1. The Diamond Status

This is the loyalty status that a forex trader acquires after graduating from the Gold status. The trader stays at this level for 60 days, earning 16 XM points per trading lot, until the next status level beckons.

  1. The Elite Status

This is the highest and most prestigious loyalty status when working with XM forex broker. Here, the forex trader has 100 days during which to earn loyalty points at the rate of 20 XM per lot.

Many forex traders find XM broker’s loyalty program very attractive especially because there is no limitation when it comes to withdrawing of cash earned from the loyalty program. The broker’s cash reward system converts the forex trader’s XM points into funds that the trader can withdraw at will. And when it comes to the credit bonus earned, the forex trader can use it in normal forex trading.

Platforms:Meta Trader 4, Mobile, Tablet
Signup Bonus:50% or 20% of Deposit Amount
Web Trading:Yes
Mobile Trading:Yes
Withdrawal Fees:None
Withdrawal Duration:Within 24 hours
Tel:+357 2502 9933
Currencies Accepted:USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, RUB, PLN, HUF