Having access to the Binary Option trading platforms 24 hours a day was at one time impossible, unless of course you was chained to your home or office computer every single hour of the day!

However with the advent of Binary Option trading sites such as the Banc De Binary and the GTOptions sites you can now trade from absolutely anywhere you are if you own a Windows Phone, and this has been made possible due to sites such as these two optimizing their respective trading platforms to enable anyone with such a mobile phone to be able to log on and use it.

As every single online Binary Options trading site you can think of and come across online has been designed to work on the Windows platform then it was only to be expected that if you own a Windows Phone then logging on and using such a site was going to be a breeze, and this we are glad to report it is!

There are a few other Binary Option trading sites whose trading platforms are fully compatible with Windows Phones and these include Any Option the 777 Binary site and another of our top rated Binary Options trading sites that being the 24 Option site.

If you have already signed up to any of our mentioned top rated trading sites then to access and start to use their respective Windows Phone Binary Options trading platforms you simply need to launch your mobile web browser and visit the website of any of those sites, you can then log in instantly using your already acquired user name and password and then can start to navigate around the site and trading platform   in much the same way as you would when using their online trading platforms.

To ensure you will have a seamless time trading on their mobile Windows browser compatible platforms each of our top rated and highly recommended Binary Options mobile trading sites have optimized their mobile offerings to ensure you are not having to make any kind of compromises.

For it does of course go with us saying that the actual screen size of all Windows Phones and mobile devices using the Windows operating system are much smaller than your standard computer screen, however you will be able to zoon into any aspect of the trading platform and can place your trades in just the same way as you would when using the online trading platforms.

It should also be noted that thanks to one touch technology which has recently been added to all mobile Binary Option sites actually placing your trades is really easy, for all you need to do is to select your preferred option, click on it and bingo you will then have placed a trade on that options.

If you are completely new to the world of mobile Binary Option trading do not forget that all of our top rated and featured mobile binary Options sites have what is known as a demo mode version of their trading platforms, and as such if you want to test out just how easy they are by accessing their respective sites with a Windows Phone and then use it to place risk free trades you are able to do just that

In fact this is probably the best way for anyone wishing to start trading Binary Options on a Windows Phone to get used to doing just that, for by accessing a demo mode trading platform if you do happen to make any mistakes it is not going to be costing you anything, whilst you get used to the mobile trading platforms.

However we can guarantee that ounce you see just how easy it is to place a Binary Option trade using a Windows Phone you will probably always want to use that device to trade options, it is as easy as sending someone a test message!

You are also going to be able to qualify for the new customer sign up bonuses offered at all of our featured BBinary Options trading sites if you sign up as a new customer via your Windows Phone, so there are plenty of incentives out there for you to do just that!