Binary options are increasingly gaining currency in British Columbia, as more and more traders seek information on how to invest in binary options. That should not be surprising considering that British Columbia is one of those Canadian provinces with a good proportion of wealthy traders. One aspect of binary options that have made them attractive is the ease that comes with their trading. Investors do not need any expertise to invest in them. Besides, there are many binary option brokers offering services locally and online. Of course, most of those offering services locally are not necessarily licensed in Canada. Many of them are licensed in countries like the US, from where their trading operations are monitored.  Something else that entices traders immensely is the thought of earning profits within a short period of time, often within the hour of investing.bcmap

How legal is the trade in binary options within British Columbia?

Across Canada, no office deals with licensing of binary option brokers. That means no binary option broker offering binary option trading services in British Columbia should claim to be licensed in the country. What would probably be true is a binary options broker claiming to be licensed in the US or any of the countries that have laws on binary options trading. However, some binary options brokers trade heavily in binary options when in actual fact they have been licensed under the gambling law. Government agents do not practically object to such operations, as it has generally not been established how to treat binary options – as conventional stocks or as part of betting. As at now, the reality on the ground is that some of the most prestigious binary options brokers are making big business in British Columbia.

Online Binary Options Trading Is Vibrant

Some of the big traders in the province of British Columbia are very cautious. They do not want to trade with binary options brokers who cannot show proof of registration and licensing in jurisdictions that recognize binary options as stocks or that have a specific law on binary options. As such, they prefer to go online, where they do research to find out the countries that have a specific law on binary trading, and where there are legal bodies to monitor the activities of binary options brokers. This is where they feel safe to identify the best binary options broker.

What happens in the process is that a number of credible binary options brokers often surface, and the trader is faced with another problem of choosing the broker to engage. For one, there is a lot of advertising going on online, some binary options brokers promising high returns, others luring with bonuses, and yet others offering personalized services.  The reality is that a seasoned binary options trader may sometimes be confused as a beginning trader. However, the situation becomes easier when a trader has established a long working relationship with a credible broker.

How to Identify a Reliable Binary Options Broker

In British Columbia and other Canadian provinces, it is important to do due diligence before committing money into binary options with a new broker. This is because there is no legal body that can come to the rescue of a binary options trader in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada if a contract is broken and promises not kept. The affected binary options trader can only get redress from the country where the broker is licensed. Even before proceeding to check out licensing, the way a broker’s website looks like is a telltale sign. Credible binary options brokers have websites that look professional, with helpful information, and often laying out a range of other tradable assets. That means a serious trader can build a portfolio with the binary options broker.