The popularity of the binary options business has grown to unprecedented levels in Ontario with many traders trying to get a foothold in this profitable short term investment opportunity. Armed with dedication and an insatiable hunger to understand this business, Ontario investment traders are reaping huge profits by dealing in this trade.

Although investments in stocks are still rampart, most traders prefer the short term profits that binary options afford them. The increased demand on these instruments of trade has led to an increase in the number of brokers and brokerage firms trading in binary options. However, even the most experienced of the Ontario traders find it very difficult to choose the right binary options brokers due to the amount of knowledge they possess regarding the operations of this type of trade.

Many brokerage firms have become dynamic and have devised various strategies in order to meet the needs of this growing number of traders who are willing to trade. To determine the best brokerage firms for you, we have reviewed many of them and can be able to advice you on the best firms to deal with. This information can make you start trading immediately by making your search for potential brokers much easier.

The Parameters We Use To Recommend Brokers

The first parameter to determine a suitable broker is not based on what their websites promises, but by the amount of fees and commissions they charge. Unlike other investment instruments, trading in binary options does not attract high trading fees or commissions. These charges are usually instituted by individual brokers to increase their profit margins but are not a requirement in this trading practice. We recommend dealing with brokers or brokerage firms that do not charge very high fees or commissions.

Another parameter we look for in binary options brokerage firm is their disclosure on payout percentages. These disclosures are detailed and readily available and can be found on their websites. With this in mind, we recommend those brokers who give you good returns on your investments and that should fall in the range of over 70% on winning investments.

Questions that your Broker must Address

Choosing the right broker for your investments is usually a matter of personal choice. However, this is largely determined by your financial status, the risk you are willing to take and your level of experience in these trading matters. It can be difficult to find a broker who will satisfy most of your needs. A suitable broker should, therefore, be determined by how s/he addresses pertinent issues regarding his/her operations. You should know the right questions to ask that will reduce the burden of painstakingly searching for the right broker. The questions should touch on the following areas;

  • The regulatory body that they are registered with
  • The number of assets that they offers on their platform
  • Their hours of operations and main points of contacts for customer support
  • The bonus options they offer for new account holders
  • The number of deposits and withdrawal options available

The information acquired here will go a long way in helping you know the right broker or brokerage firm.