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Best auto trading robot software?

From users to friends asked us what is this auto trading software people are talking about, so we took it for a drive. BinaryOptionRobot.com is

  • 100% automated trading software specially designed for trading profitably with binary options.
  • legal software that is compatible with the best and most secure binary options brokers.
  • using signals from a highly sophisticated trading algorithm that compares an indefinite amount of trading data from the previous years to predict the market changes. It place the trades on behalf of our Binary Option Robot users. It is compatible with the best binary option brokers for top performances and maximum winning rates.
  • free software and you do not need to pay any fees at any time to use it.
  • working while you are not online by following your preferences and receiving signals.

With automated software you get automated issues, how has BinaryOptionRobot.com fixed or try to avoid these problems?

Here is some of the features built in to the software:

  • When the Stop Loss feature is activated robot will stop trading on your account, for that day, as soon as this margin is reached. This can happen if the signals go bad, due to market volatility.
  • Reverse Trading is an option that user can select if he believes that our signals are false. If this option is enabled, robot places trades opposite to signals. For example, if signal says PUT (HIGH) on EURUSD, robot will do CALL (LOW).
  • You can change your preferences at any time without any restrictions.

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