People who are used to trading online have, over the last few years, found a great opportunity in the binary options platform, OptionFair. This binary options broker boasts of experience since it entered the online market in 2010. One reason that makes investors stick with OptionFair is that it offers diversified trading options. It has also made its name as a secure site where binary trading takes place in an atmosphere of confidence. And even with its great volume of trade, OptionFair manages to remain friendly to beginners just entering the binary options trading market. There are, of course, many investors who view OptionFair as the best binary options broker.

Key elements that mark OptionFair as being user friendlyoptionfairs1

  • It provides Fairsignals which basically are signals used in the binary options These signals are meant to communicate speedily to the investors thus making it convenient for them to carry out business when trading is underway.
  • OptionFair offers trading recommendations to investors using SMSs and e-mails in the course of trading
  • On the whole, this binary options broker makes decision making fast, convenient and easy for the investor

Information of fundamental importance to investors

  • OptionFair has been in the binary options business since 2010
  • It is based in the Virgin Islands
  • The platform uses Tech Financials as its software
  • OptionFair offers high returns to investors, reaching returns of up to 91%
  • Its bonuses go as high as 100%
  • It makes binary options trading very accommodating, as it offers an opportunity to small investors to trade with as little an investment as $10
  • It also accepts deposits as low as $250
  • OptionFair offers great opportunity to big investors, accepting to work with investors whose investment is as high as $15,000
  • All the major world currencies are accepted on this platform; including the US dollar, the Euro, the British pound as well as the Yen
  • Any investor can access the platform and engage in binary options trading from their mobile phone
  • OptionFair accepts investors from all over the world save for the US; Japan; as well as Israel.

The wide choice of accounts available

  1. Standard account

Once you are a standard account holder with OptionFair:

  • The binary options broker gives you a session in matters of finances, free of charge, on entry
  • You are allowed to make an initial deposit of $250
  • You also qualify for a bonus that can go up to 30% of your investment
  1. Silver account

Once you are a silver account holder with OptionFair:

  • You are entitled to a monthly session in matters of trading strategy, during which you can receive two SMSs on a live basis.
  • The binary options broker allows you to make a deposit of $500 as a start
  • Your bonus begins at the rate of 60%
  • You are entitled to 1% profit
  1. Gold account

Once you are a gold account holder with OptionFair:

  • You are entitled to sessions by experts on financial matters on a weekly basis
  • You also get to benefit from three strategies on trading
  • OptionFair sends you four SMSs to alert you on beneficial matters of trade
  • The binary options broker allows you to make an entry deposit of $2,000
  • Your bonus begins at the rate of 80%
  • You qualify to receive a further 2% profit
  1. Platinum account

Once you are a platinum account holder with OptionFair:

  • This top binary options broker offers you financial sessions where you receive unlimited financial advice
  • You are allowed to make an initial deposit of $15,000
  • The deposit can go up to $50,000
  • The profits that you receive go up to 4%
  • You can receive bonuses up to the rate of 100%
  • You receive five strategies of a trading nature
  • You receive up to five SMSs on a live basis
  • You receive plenty of additional perks