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Return RateBonus
$250$180%up to 100% Deposit Bonus

options-fm is barely a couple of years old, yet it is not surprising to hear it being mentioned as the best binary options broker one could ever get. Investors, obviously, give such rave reviews following their personal experiences in the binary options trading. Considering that some investors make big size investments in binary options, it is imperative that they work with a binary options broker who understands the risks involved in the business and knows how to minimize them. And it seems that is meeting those requirements. Already the clientele of has soared to beat binary option brokers who have been in the market much longer.

Easy Accessibility

Often in this kind of business, when you find a good broker, it is very difficult to access them. This is because most top binary options brokers deal strictly with the ‘A’ list of investors; those whose individual investments run in thousands of dollars. However, is accessible to investors of all sizes. Besides, you do not need to know anyone else in the business of binary options trading to get access to All you need to do is log onto their website and sign up.

One reason why many investors have succeeded in trading through is that the binary option broker’s website is very user friendly. Once you log onto the website, you immediately see the menu items clearly displayed, and so you just need to click on the appropriate button and get to where you want. Everything on the site is self explanatory. In addition, there is enough information on the site to get you started without further assistance. The language is particularly straightforward and the website very well designed. On the overall, the website for is attractive, welcoming and easy to navigate. Not many binary options brokers can brag of such a user friendly website.

What the website showsoptionfm

The site for includes all the important information any trader may wish to have before committing their money to buy binary options. The information on display includes the year the binary options broker began trading, which is 2014; its area of jurisdiction, which is the UK; and the software that the broker uses, which is SpotOptions.

It is also refreshing to learn from this same site that an investor has a chance of earning a bonus as high as 100%; returns of up to 91%; and to know that the broker accepts investments as low as $1 while allowing big time investors to put in investments of up to $5,000. An investor can also put in a deposit of $250 as the minimum. As you decide on the amount of deposit to make, it is important to note that deposits made with this binary options broker usually attract a bonus.

When it comes to the currencies accepted by, they include the strongest and most popular world currencies; that is the Euro, the US dollar and the British pound. That makes it easy for investors to trade in binary options from whatever country they reside in. There are only two countries that does not work with; and that is the US and Africa. Otherwise, traders from any other nation can use as their binary options broker, by logging onto their computers or even using their mobile phones. Trading with is that convenient.

What Option.Fm Could Modify

Whereas has become popular over a very short span of trading, the binary options broker could increase its volume of trade if it widened the choice of currencies traders can use. It would also be great for business if it embraced the US as a trading partner because the country has a great history in binary options trading. Africa could also produce great investors considering that the continent is growing significantly in matters of investment.