Ever wonder what it takes to win a lottery.  Better yet, how much an average person spend on lottery before winning a large amount or sizable one. It turns out that a person spends about $1000 on average. Of course some might get the 1:100,000,000 chance before spending $100 but face it, we are not all that lucky.

“Some 20 million Americans spend at least $1,000 a year on lottery tickets… Source: http://www. forbes. com/forbes/2006/0522/176.html”

That’s where binary options come in. The fastest growing online money maker.  With average broker paying 80%-90% of your single investment.  How can the broker afford it, simple not every option you choose will be in the money. Keep in mind there is a chance you got the worst luck and may loose all of your investment. But that’s why we have signals. Where it is a past performance of a stock in the last 1, 10 , 30 or 60 min to online groups that give you signals when to put it in or not. Using these tools you can be a successful binary-optioner.

On average if you put $100 on Apple’s stock, bet not gaining more then $850 or USD/EUR rate not falling below a specific value in the next 60 seconds, when the time expires you will be making a profit of $85 (if broker your using pays you 85%) and if the result is the opposite you may loose all of your money. Yes, you may as some brokers have 1-10% money back if your not in the money.

So if you ask me, Will you gamble with your money on a lottery where your chance is 1 in millions or 50/50. I choose 50/50 as its a clear choice of yes or no and I don’t have to wait till next week to see my outcome.

Remember binary options are not that new and there are many new brokers online. Do your home work and always do your do-diligence before your choose your favorite broker. Always start with small amounts like $5 with GTOptions. If you don’t want to play with your real money. Don’t worry GTOptions got demo account for that too (Free $50,000 Demo Binary Trade Account), so you can practice.