We get asked these questions a lot. Binary Options are a form of trading online where you are at win or lose situation. You have to treat this type of trading with caution. It can get addictive and people have lost they’rewhole savings, as does in any type of gambling or stocks. Look at the poor people that lost thousands on stock like BlackBerry or GM. At the time of investing you have to be sure that the money your investing is replicable. Most brokers have up to 10% loss protection. Which is better deal than the lottery. But back to the question, binary options are legal and majority of the brokers are regulated. You can view our broker list with comparison on who is regulated or not! Scam? It’s the opposite, where a scam is something you get involved without knowing the rules or the outcome. Where binary options is spelled out in plain English (other languages), it’s a win or lose trading platform where you can invest $5 or $5,000. Some of the brokers have coverage for you in case if you lose your option. But at the end you are in total control of your money. So it’s safe to say binary option is legal and it’s here to stay. Don’t get let down by all the negative posts on the net which says otherwise. Do your own home work. Read the reviews, try the demo accounts, and try different brokers before picking your favourite.