Today’s hot asset is Barclays that announced to be cutting down 19,000 jobs within the next three years and this move is set for the company to offer lower volatility, growth and higher returns. According to reports, investors gave it a positive call and this saw its share price rising by 5.39% during today’s early session. There is more plenty reaction set to progress during this session as the news is still fresh.
In today’s early session, European stocks were traded higher and investors are patiently waiting for the release data of the upcoming policy statements that will be released by the European Central Bank and the Bank of England. Reports say that the tensions between Ukraine and Russia are easing and this will eventually cause the market sentiment of stocks to rise.
The U.S stocks were slightly higher than previous and yesterday’s stocks were supported by the data release of Janet Yellens comments and this gave a signal for the future stocks to open higher. However, investors are trading on the riskier assets with great caution and also await for the release data following jobless claims that will be released later during the day. This information will certainly create plenty volatility for binary option traders.
Asian stocks opened high and kept on an upward trend despite being shrugged off by yesterday’s losses. Asian investors are searching for riskier assets and the Chinese trade data also made the assets more appealing.