According to the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) the recent Japanese binary options market shows growth in summer and development in trading quantity and number of financial records.

There are eight companies that are now working on Japanese binary options market and according to statistics in July they take trading to ¥48 billion ($392 million). And after comparing with June this status is 10.5% higher. And not only this but the accounts are also enhancing in July month by 323,236 which is 0.92% more than June month.

And all this analysis prove one thing that there is remarkable growth in Japanese binary options trading market. But in July 2014’s the fig of Japanese binary options trading is about ¥53 billion and now in July 2015’s it is ¥48 billion which is 9.3% lower than July 2014. By taking into consideration all these figures it indicates that the market has not good figure. And this is very major change in fig and is very big disenchantment that dropping from so huge figure. And in case of trading account comparison the accounts that are existing now is much more than the accounts in 2014. And if we consider all these statistics then we can assure that there must be more growth in the trading world of Japanese country.

The fig above indicates whole data about binary option trading. And also revels the growth in the Japanese trading market. And in the ladder option structure the authorities of Japanese has introduced expiring time of 2 hours in which every trader can choose predefined expiration time and they don’t have to bother about market rate. As this time predefined and is set by the authorities of Japan.

As they have set the 2 hours expiration time to make their binary option trading more professional. The authorities of Japanese are trying to decrease the time of expiration. And this only tempts binary options customers to depend on destiny.

And the Financial Futures Association of Japan published the report of the July’s OTC retail forex plan and it indicates that forex trading market of Japanese is going down when it is compared with July 2014 data and the amount lowered by ¥48 trillion by ¥530 trillion.

These reports are warning sign for the japans’ forex market because Japan is considered as one of the best country which has biggest trading market in the globe.