Everyone choose its own ways to do trading. Some peoples achieve great success and others have to suffer from big losses in trading. And it always amazes everyone that how it happens how one gain profit and other loses and everyone wants to know the answer. And the answer of this inimitable question is as aged as the Bible. So given below will tell you that how seven lethal sins can bring downward to the most hopeful and positive trader.

Greediness:  Greediness is considered as one of the big sin of loss in stock trading. The thing which is important in trading that you have to wait till to the game did not match with pattern and if you trade when plays are not there then you will surely lose.

But some people in starting and beginning becomes greedy and they just need a good lifestyle and without any efforts they need money and this will in end they take wrong decision and lose the game.

Strong desire for Money:  When you want money then you can do anything to get it and sometimes it will put you in dangerous and risky situations. So always think twice while doing trading so that you can intelligent decisions.

Everyone need money and even this is not wrong thing but don’t overlap this desire of money on your mind otherwise it will very harmful for you.

Laziness:  If you want to become successful in stock trading you need to very conscious and attentive as it is not the game of child that you easily understand. It need full concentration and its takes lots of time to even understand market. As laziness will never makes you successful.

Anger:  If you want to become a successful trader in stock trading then you need to avoid your emotions otherwise it will becomes very difficult for you. While entering in you has to avoid anger otherwise it will affect you trading. Because in anger, always people take wrong decision and that will put at risk and you might lose.

Self-Importance: This is another important drawback for losing in stock trading. If you achieve success in trading then you become over confidence and makes decision without thinking. So confidence on own self is always good but overconfidence will change a right decision into wrong. And due to you pride you lose.