During October 2015, GMO Click’s data showed that 74.13% of their binary options accounts had lost money.

Japanese giant in stock broking GMO Click Securities had reported that its binary options metrics for October 2015 showed that a growing number of traders are reporting money losses, significantly more than in September, judging from the GMO Click released statement.

GMO Click revealed that their transaction proportion of occurrence was at a loss for October 2015; they had aggregated the number of affected accounts whose total income for the month had inflected into the negative territory. For the month of October 2015, GMO Click’s data shows that 74.13% of binary option accounts lost money during the month.

This situation illustrates that more and more accounts have reported monthly losses in October than during the past few months by less than one percentage point. This, however, does snap a declining figure of five consecutive months, which was followed by a high of 80.31% during March 2015.

To explain further, GMO Click’s Ladder Options, a type of legal option that is available for trading in Japan, reported that the total amount of transaction as a percentage of the overall amount of client payment reached 98.55% in the month of October 2015.

GMO Click had recently made headlines after the company reported its surging figures for last month across their foreign exchange (FX) volumes. Throughout September 2015, GMO’s spot FX volumes rose 16% to ¥131.16 trillion. These astonishing figures were the Japanese broker’s second highest for year 2015, having only been challenged by a record high of ¥140.9 trillion that took place in January 2015. The high was instigated on the side of the ever-present currency volatility coming from the SNB (Swiss National Bank).

Trading of Binary Options in Japan-one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and the world at large has continued to witness an unprecedented surge, as more people are beginning to see a bright future in the trade. Unlike 10 years ago, many Japanese were skeptical about risking their money in stock market, they based their belief on the fact that Japan’s economy was always affected by some forms of natural disaster or the other-most especially flooding . The Tsunami some years back sent the Japanese stock exchanging crashing down and lots of investors lost huge amount of money, thus new investors were afraid of taking the same risk.

It appears The country has witnessed fewer natural disasters in the past few years and consumer confidences are getting higher once again and the Japanese stock exchange is on the upward trend, except for the recent downturn that sent many stock markets in developing countries on a downward trend. Japan relies heavily on its technology products, that are regarded as some of the best in the world , and with trade volumes increasing between Japan and the United States, investors will definitely have something to rely on in order to gain tremendously from the stock market.