Canada is at present one of the leading binary options markets on the world. However, financial trading is not so far regulated in the country. This signifies that currently there are no particular laws for binary options in Canada.
This however does not signify that trading binary options is illegal in the country. Binary options are absolutely legal in Canada because of the fact that there is no particular law that states that they are illegal. This proves that investors can trade on financial assets legally.

Is binary options trading safe?
Yes, it’s safe if investors only trade at brokers that are approved by highly regarded authorities such as the US and Europe.

Is Binary Options Legal in Canada?
Yes, financial trading is currently legal in Canada. There are actually no laws that apparently regulate the financial trading market. This basically confirms that Canadian authorities currently are not concerned about financial trading like binary options.

This obviously also confirms that financial service providers are FREE to spread their business and offer their services to investors from Canada. Traders are certainly also welcome trading at brokers that operate in the country. There will be no legal penalty of trading binary options in Canada.
Canadian binary options regulations
As because there are no financial trading laws in Canada at present it also means that there are no regulations. On the other hand, if there are no rigid regulations then how can investors check that fraudulent brokers are not cheating them?
It’s in fact very simple. There might not be any policy for binary options trading in Canada but there are in many other countries. What Canadian binary investors should do is register at brokers that are licensed under recognized authorities such as Europe and US.

Trade at brokers licensed in the US
Good opportunities for Canadian binary options traders are brokers that are approved by US authorities. In fact US was the first country that approved trading in binary options however its regulations are very protectionist. At the moment only few brokers are licensed in the US.

This is not because most brokers are not good, however The US has strong policies of protectionist when it’s about gaming, financial trading and other types of investment activities. US authorities just don’t want to authorize foreign brokers regardless how excellent they are in order to give a competitive advantage to US brokers.
Trade at brokers licensed in Europe
Most European countries especially UK for example have indeed much better and protectionist regulations when it comes to binary options trading than the US.

Future of the business
Currently it can’t be calculated for sure if Canada will make a decision to regulate financial trading or not. But till that happens traders have the legal right to trade at Canadian binary options brokers regulated in other countries.