Binary options are comparable to good traditional options, are very easier as compare to others. Investors can usually from € 100 account size on the price movements of shares Share Index, commodities or currencies Bet. And for binary option no complicated trading software is required. As you can do trade through a browser or mobile via I phone or Android and you can download and update this application within a few minutes on almost all providers in the test.

Binary options indicate a certain number of securities at agreed price, take some time to acquire or sell. The binary option transaction therefore constitutes of special form of the forward contract. And therefore follows from the binary options, but be reduced to the essentials and make both in progress quickly, is therefore very clear, even before the trade, the gain or loss is so high.

It suitable for beginners of trading is probably the binary option as it is best option for them. Investor buys the simple binary option trading either a call – option if it is on or the market price of the underlying. A put option if it is based on the depreciation of the underlying asset. The price of the underlying value of the purchased option decides after the agreed period through profit or loss.

Neither data nor extensive knowledge of key figures or complicated strategies to binary options trading is important that these options for investors and easy to transparencies product power. But of course i.e. knowledge, where the price moves from the utmost importance.

The main advantages of Binary Options as compared with traditional options; volatility (volatility of the market) can be left, and the power of extremely short duration of options. In addition, trading in binary already 5 EUR possible and with the minimum size from 100 EUR.steps

Binary options can be described in three simple points

Traded which the fundamental Shares, Stock market indices, commodities and currencies

Price and duration: How high should use (representing the maximum risk). When the trade is on. Usually 60 seconds, 5 minutes and other terms in accordance with binary options.

Emptying party that Option: Buy or sell? Or betting on falling and rising prices.

Investors who invest in binary options, speculating on stock performance within a certain period of the option. Investors can choose between different types of options to choose from:


Simple – binary option (Call and Put)

One Touch Option (enter a specific target within the time mechanism at least once)

No Touch Option (specific purpose cannot occur during the term)