As the name of this leading Binary Option trading site suggests no matter what type of Binary Option you are looking to trade online it will be instantly available whenever you choose to log onto the Anyoption site and start to use their trading platform.

There are many unique features of using the Anyoption site that is going to appeal to a very wide range of Binary Option traders, including those who have never placed a trade online before or those with lots of experience in trading binary Options.

Below we have listed several unique features and aspects that have made the Anyoption site one of our top rated trading sites, and as such we can recommend that after reading this review of the Anyoption site you checkout their website, for there is a rather tempting and generous sing up bonus waiting for you over there!

Minimum DepositMinimum Trade
Return RateBonus
$200$2571%up to 25%

Anyoption Trading Platforms

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It has to be the ease of use of the Anyoption trading platforms that is going to appeal to many traders, and notice we said platforms, for there is of course more than one way that you can trade options at the Anyoption site!

You can use their state of the art online trading platform which is accessible any time of the day or night, however if you are out and about and get wind of something interesting that you want to trade on then all you need to know to place those trades is access their mobile trading platform instantly from anywhere!

Asset Index

One thing that you will notice when you visit the Anyoption site is that they have just added a whole array of brand new Asset Indices to their currently available ones, and as such you are now able to trade on a whole manner of new and never before available stocks and share values.

This will enable you to trade options on companies such as McDonalds or even Las Vegas Casinos, and you will be able to place your selected trade instantly and in real time. You really will be impressed by just how diverse the available Assets Index is whenever you visit the Anyoption site.

Forex Currency Pairings

Any worldwide currency can be paired up against any other currency and as such if you are looking to trade currency options then the Anyoption site does come highly recommended.

Banking Options

There are way too many different banking option available at the Anyoption site for us to list here, suffice to say that however you wish to fund your Anyoption account you are going to find several different ways of doing just that, and it does go without saying as one of our top rated sites they payout rapidly when you request a withdrawal!

Anyoption Ranking

One thing that we never do here at the Canadian Binary Option site is to pluck trading sites and brokers out of the air and simply list them on our website. We carefully and fully vet each and every single one of them to ensure that they are going to live up to every Binary Option traders highest expectations.

Whilst it is very true to say there are now no shortages of trading sites and brokers available in the online environment, you really do owe it to yourself to stick to those sites that come with the highest rating.

The Anyoption site does posses our top rating and being both a fully licensed and fully regulated Binary Options trading site then whenever you log on and start to trade any options then you are guaranteed of having a seamless trading experience, and one you will want to return to time and time again.

Also make sure you are aware that by joining up to the Anyoption site today or one day real soon you are also going to qualify for their welcome sign up bonus offer, this has been structured in such a way that your initial trading sessions are going to be enhanced by this bonus, the details of which can of course be found on the Anyoption website so check it out right now for it is way too generous to miss out on!


 Anyoption Mobile Support – Updated Jan 2014

One of the first to have mobile apps, and with regular updates and support. Supported devices Android & Apple.

  • Real time trading on the go from wherever you are
  • Use your anyoption login to closely follow market trends and to hedge your positions
  • Call and Put binary options on forex, indices, stocks and commodities
  • Unlimited free quotes for more than 100 markets
  • No commissions, no spreads, no hidden charges
  • Manage and access your account


Payment Methods Supported By Anyoption – As of Jan 2014