Month: January 2016

What Foreign Exchange Represents

In order to understand foreign exchange, it is important to first and foremost understand that it is a trade. And the subject of trade happens to be foreign currency. What is foreign currency? Foreign currency is simply currency that is not local – currency that belongs to another country other than the country the user is in. For example, anyone residing in the US can name the US dollar (US$) as the local currency while naming the Japanese Yen (¥) as one of many foreign currencies. When people want to import goods, they have to acquire the foreign currency...

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Minimum Deposit Minimum Trade Return Rate Bonus $250 $1 80% up to 100% Deposit Bonus Trade is barely a couple of years old, yet it is not surprising to hear it being mentioned as the best binary options broker one could ever get. Investors, obviously, give such rave reviews following their personal experiences in the binary options trading. Considering that some investors make big size investments in binary options, it is imperative that they work with a binary options broker who understands the risks involved in the business and knows how to minimize them. And it seems that...

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