Binary trading is very popular in this modern world. Participants from all over the world and from every sector use it for making investment. They try to make their ends meet in every way possible through trading. Most beginners, and also those who have been trading for a while, are drawn to this investment genre which indicates that it is an essential and a trusted way of making money.

Below are the pros and the cons when trading in binary options.


  • No fees or commissions are required. The entire costs are within the payoff structure while trading.
  • There is a potential quick payoffs which is a 60% to 90% increase in return of the capital that you had put in minutes or hours. The payoffs are very high, and there is a possibility of a percentage rebate amount if the guess is wrong. There is also an every week option from the brokers with a 500% range.
  • It is very simple and straightforward. You only need to choose the correct directions over the target.
  • It is very easy to execute. There are no complex time frames that are supposed to be considered. All you have to do is just setting some of the variables, looking at how some of the traders execute and betting from a dashboard.
  • You will need the market entry amount to start binary trading options. The entry amount is remarkably low considering that, trading usually requires thousands of dollars for a start. Opening an account will only cost $200, and this is enough to get you started in trading even on expensive stocks. You also have a variety of stocks to choose from.
  • No need to worry about when to close positions; it is very easy to open in any position that is on the investment vehicle.
  • The risk management should not be considered as a problem because the investor sets his risk at the point of execution and it depends on the investor’s size of position.
  • You can wager any amount in your investment account.
  • As you continue trading, your mind continues to get the experience of the trading.

Binary options are not always profitable; it goes both ways. The brokers doing trading are in the arena for making money. There is always someone who is making money off from someone else, and the following are the cons about binary trading options:


  • The odds are based on the favor of these brokers. There is a competition among brokers who are trying to make a win or favors from investors, and this has improved odds lately. For a 70% payoff and a rebate feature of 15%, the investor must win about 55% of what they are trading all the time so that they break even.
  • There are high risks involved, and the short time frames mean that same prediction of the market movement will be hard to turn up.
  • Most of the traders always want more tools for trading so that they can support any of their decision. The dashboards do not provide the tools needed to make the best guiding investment decision.
  • There is an imbalanced win-loss percentage ratio of the traders. If a person wins, they win up to 90% of the original investment but when you lose, a 100% of your investment goes to the broker.
  • There is no way to practice before you risk your investment or test the trading strategy. Though, some brokers have come up with demo accounts for their clients,other brokers are yet to catch up.

There are more advantages in trading binary options than any other form of trading. Your thoughts should be focused on winning which will influence your gaining or making profits. Consulting with other traders is also a way of success in this business but the major decision lies with you.

Traders should be ready to take the risks that are involved, remembering that you can lose all your investment within the first entry into the stock market. You should be able to approach it in both ways and all eyes open; be ready to take a few hits and keep working on your trading skills. If you are a quick learner, you will be able to notice improvements with time.