Nowadays, trading in binary has become extremely popular. It is drastically growing due to the number of the advantages that are involved or offered in comparison to the traditional ways of trading. One can benefit from the predictions that are made concerning the market. It determines if an asset will finish lower or higher comparing to when the trade started.

Simplicity and affordability are the essences of binary trading. It is considered to be very easy and affordable than all forms of investments that are currently in use. Investors understand precisely when to execute it for their exact potential loss or profit. Investors only concentrate on evaluating their stocks and the direction that it travels.

A CALL option is chosen when one expects the market to rise higher than the time when the trade started. On the other hand, when the market price falls, they choose the PUT option. Trading in binary may, at times, become challenging for new traders; especially those who do not understand the stock markets. Binary trading brings a lot of excitement due to its fast-paced profit-making features but again, it has a high level of risks too.

Below are some of the advantages of binary trading:

Accessibility – Accessible 24/7

Binary options trading can be accessed at any time by a trader when he feels like trading; it is the easiest way of doing the business for both part and full time. Binary trading is the best trading option available to traders who do not have to follow any set of time schedule and can easily access their accounts.

Capital – No Large Investments Required

One can start with a capital of as low as $200 for an investment in the trading market, and you can trade in expensive markets with this amount. Previously, small investors were sidelined from investing in stock markets because it used to involve huge amounts of money to invest.

Understanding – Very Easy and Simple

Binary trading is very simple when you compare it with other forms of trading. It does not require investors to understand the various details; the investors should only anticipate the directions of shares and predict whether the price will fall or rise after a certain time or period. One should not worry on stop losses, magnitude and leverage of price movements while using binary trading.

Fast Results

Trader’s or investors can choose an expiring time by their own. They can choose what time to receive their payout and what time to do the trading. There are different traders available, the short term ones of 30 seconds, 60 seconds and the longest ones of up to 15 minutes. These traders make a margin of up to 90% profit within a minute.

Risk Management

Various strategies are used in binary trading that minimize the risks in their trading. These strategies are based in proper money management. Never place a trade that is exceeding your 5% total capital. Most traders use about 2% of their capital for each trade they make.


In all forms of trading, the uncertainty factor is very high, and traders become very anxious while making their trades. In binary trading, there is not much uncertainty because most of the setting has been predetermined and the traders have already known the exact expiry time.

Variety of Choices

Binary trading platforms offer different choices to traders. The contracts available to traders range from forex, commodities and stocks. The trader has a choice to choose between the ranges of stocks, depending on their knowledge and interest.

Binary Options Trading is deemed to be more suitable for people starting to trade for new traders. People with less experience as traders can use it without keeping any doubt because binary trading entails the evaluation of two factors and these factors are: selecting the market direction and determining expiry time on the underlying assets.

In Binary Options Trading, there can only be two possible results when you trade. The options are, winning a pre-defined profit or losing a pre-determined percentage of your investment. Before activating binary options, one should first decide the size of the investment that they want and then assess the direction that the binary will provide.