Similar to Forex, traders of binary options either profit or lose money according to the price movements in stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. The main difference between winning and losing is that in the industry of options, trading investors don’t purchase shares ora whole asset; instead, they rather invest in the prognosis of whether the value will increase or not. If they make a correct prediction, traders immediately profit, but what’s more important is that they always know precisely when and how much money they could win or lose.

The new, innovative method of trading and investing brought a couple of important advantages to trading options. It now requires almost no previous trading experience or specialized understanding of the trading industry, as opposed to forex, where having substantial financial knowledge is crucial. The news on its own will make binary options highly attractive to potential investors and operators who are looking to build up their portfolio.

With Binary Options there is no need to be worried about losing all of your investments at once, you only need to risk the amount you can afford at once. Secondly, one of the advantages of Binary options is that it offers a short term and long term trading options. In a short term trading option, you can trade in as little as 1 hour or less and that means you set the time you want your trade to end and set other parameters such as the time you want to cut your profit or loss- once this point is reached, or the time elapses, the trade stops and you can withdraw your profit immediately. with this option , you can only risk the amount of money you can afford and within a short period of time , you can make so much money.

Secondly, the risks in binary options is very low compared to fore trading, and the reason being that in Binary options you mostly trade in commodities , while forex involves in currency pairs. The fluctuations in the values of currencies have been found to be more volatile than in commodities, therefore fore has higher risks than Binary options. The features in binary options trading are the same with forex trading, you can use the sto gain and stop loss for instance to set limits for your gains and losses, therefore you can manage your investments much better. You can also choose the spread for which you want to trade, in both types of trading.

Experts suggest that you should consider going into both Binary Options and Forex because they have their unique differences as well as similarities that make them preferable at one point to another. Forex trading gives you more options in terms of the currency pairs you can trade on, while Binary options gives you the flexibility of choosing the time you want to get out of a trade. Binary options may seem to be a little less risky than Forex trading but Fore trading can actually teach you how to become a professional trader.